Tuesday, December 9, 2014

November & December Moodboard

Aloha! I must admit, I definitely think that moodboards are my favourite part of the month. I get to scour my recent pinterest posts, create a collage, and in the end, only have to download ONE picture in a post! (My tiny, imbecile laptop cannot cope with multiple pictures being uploaded to a post, so having just one picture is a welcome change). I also love sitting down and writing. Although a lot of my writing fetish is satisfied through my current English class, I must admit that writing about Boo Radley and Shakespeare's use of dramatic irony in A Midsummer Night's Dream is neither my forte or my true passion. While fashion is also not my true passion, it does win over literary devices sometimes. 

As you can likely tell, these past two months I have been thoroughly enjoying simplicity and surprisingly, pastels, a colour palette that  I have not ventured towards before. What do matte sequins, man-repeller turtleneck hair-tucks, and tassels playing the role of a necklace all have in common, you might ask? One; I cannot pull any of them off, and two; they have all (strangely) captured my heart. For some odd reason, I'm attracted to styles I could not possibly have been attracted to, say, 6 months ago. But I guess that as you grow and change as a person, so do your tastes. I mean, life would be pretty boring if you didn't change it up, right? 

I am also lusting over the gorgeous pair of chelsea- style Hunter boots pictured above - I mean, those things are the ULTIMATE pair of shoes. Versatile and waterproof! What more could a girl ask for? On another note, a very pretty person pictured above (cough - Taylor Swift) just released a new album that is AHHmazing! I especially love 'Welcome to New York'. While I have yet to listen to all of 1989, I have no doubt I will find some more addictive tunes in it.

And finally, a little bit of inspiration. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my future and what I want to do. We all have those days when we just want to give up, buy a tricycle, and revert to the Sesame Street days. Sorry, but that's just not going to happen. While we are entitled to these moments, we are also entitled to moments of empowerment. I have a quote up there to help bring on that empowerment, since I know that everybody needs a little drive in the bleak expanse ( or blank space haha) of adolescence. 

So do what motivates you, keep yourself happy, and only worry about others that worry about you. After all, you are not designed for everyone to like you. Happy Holidays!

xoxo, G. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Parking Lot

What does one do on a free Friday? Naturally, a blog post. While in the company of my gorgeous friend Ava (and her gorgeous outfit), we decided that, as two clothing-obsessed individuals, it was obligatory to complete a blog post together. I've been thinking about new places for backdrops, and this breathtaking wall of 'graffiti' has always caught my attention. It occurred to me that this mural might be the perfect blogging background. In complete honesty, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Graffiti speaks in ways that are powerful, sometimes for good, sometimes for worse. Either way, it is a very expressive form of opinion that I find very interesting. Even though this is not technically graffiti (I would assume that permission was granted, since it hasn't been taken off), one can think of it like it is. It is certainly expressive, artistic, and (most importantly) painted on a wall. Okay. Enough rambling. Lets keep going.
It was freezing outside today (trust me, we RAN to a cafe after shooting this!), so sporting a sweater was obviously mandatory. I am in loooove with Ava's scarf - okay, lets face it, I'm basically in love with her entire wardrobe (the girl wears snakeskin pants!!!!) - and her military jacket also. I wore a loose (but cozy and warm) grey 3/4 length sleeve sweater, and the love of my life, my boyfriend jeans from the UK. See what I did there? Haha. I was feeling layer-y today - but not in the typical fall manner (sweater on sweater on scarf, etc.), instead in the beads kind of way. I don't know why, but I decided that beads, and lots of them, were a requirement for the day. I've been neglecting this kind of jewelry, but I think that they add such a cool, completely different vibe to an outfit! To finish off the outfit, I wore my black booties (typical), and my mothers pouch from India, complementing the beads.

Sweater / River Island (UK)
Jeans /  New Look (UK)
Necklaces / Me To We
Bracelets / gifts or thrifted
Booties / Primark (UK)
Bag / Somewhere in India??

xoxo, G.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Un Cinéma et une Crêperie

Third-wheeling to the max

Queue photographers awkward thumb...

Queue whole photographer
I am so sorry if the quality of this post is approximately the quality of a 1990's family video, all of the pictures were spur of the moment, therefore taken on an iPod 5 (a.k.a. not my normal camera for blogging). Anyways, this week my class took a french trip to one of the quaintest towns I know. We watched a very famous (and extremely adorable) movie titled Petit Nicholas. Afterwards, we ventured all the way across the road to this amazing creperie. And since I am fluent in all languages in the ordering of desserts (my sweet tooth cravings are never going to be satisfied otherwise), I got a delicious raspberry and nutella crepe. Can someone spell heaven??? After the enormous crepe, we went looking around the town, and to our extreme disappointment, we discovered that ALL OF THE CANDY STORES WERE CLOSED. As teenagers, it is quite easy to imagine our reactions to this terrible fate. But I guess it worked out in the end, since I wouldn't have had time to shoot these pictures. Thanks to Sarah (as pictured above), for making me look way better than I actually did in these pictures.

xoxo, G.

Knitted Jacket / Hand-me-down (originally American Eagle)
Jeans / American Eagle
Shirt / Brandy Melville
Scarf / Forever 21
Boots / Primark
Purse / Fossil

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Moodboard

Hi everyone, it is so nice to be able to sit down and have an outlet to release some of the stress in my life (because of this, expect a veeeery lengthy post). I have a feeling that everyone is getting to that point in the year - school has been ramping up, and we are all finally epiphanizing (a word? I think not.) after a blissfully education-less summer that hard work is actually still a thing, and that we actually have to be performing it, to some degree or another. 

Either way, I have still been keeping up with my procrastination skills via twitter, instagram, and pinterest. If you don't know what pinterest is (or truly believe its sole purpose is to find dream wedding and home ideas or to occupy old ladies and stay-at-home mothers), I strongly suggest you check it out. I like to consider it the oblivious girls (aka me) version of tumblr. It is, in my opinion, much easier to organize and navigate. I have had pinterest for several years, and always use it for blog post inspiration, diy ideas, and, of course, an extremely valuable procrastination buddy! All of these images I have pinned onto my pinterest account, so if you are a rad person you should follow me ( search grace melchers). Anyways, I am just trying to get rid of the terribly awfully horrible stereotype that is "pinterest is for grandma's". IT. IS. NOT.

Now, onto what you probably came to this site to read. I have been inspired by the idea of doing a moodboard ever since I saw one on www.carlymaddox,blogspot.com. I think they are a great idea to show you guys my personal style if I actually had that thing, whats it called? Oh yeah, money. Also, other people are wearing and photographing it, so that helps too. In case you haven't noticed, I've been loving the eclectic clothing style lately. You know, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie type clothing. The handmade, intricate essence these clothes carry just add so much more personality that clothing these days seems to be lacking. I think that this culture of clothing has been introduced to me from celebrities like Blake Lively, who recently began a new path in her life (technically two - congrats on that bun in the oven also - hottest fetus ever I'm betting), her website Preserve. It is a website that celebrates the handmade feeling and creators that sculpt our society. I think that she is a genius, using her fame to help reveal to the world the creative, unique side of life that teenagers (her main audience) seem to forget about. I love that I'm unique - after all, living the life of someone else is not living your life now is it? 

In general, you can probably tell that aside from eclectic and artisanal items, I've been enjoying the simplicity of clothing. Stripes, plaid, leather, wood. I've also reeally been liking tops, skirts or dresses with a loose and flowy peplum. I'm not one for those structured peplum tops, but the loose ones like the ones on my moodboard? Swoon-worthy. I've noticed lately that there's too much negativity going around on social media, particularly twitter. I always try to keep my tweets positive; there are too many teenage angst accounts and not enough positive ones out there. So I've included some inspiring and smile worthy words too. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, please tell me if you want to see more of these :). I really enjoyed being able to actually write about what I love and see in the world instead of just pictures with captions for a change. Have a lovely day, until next post!

xoxo, G.